…of ‘Olympiad’…


As today’s google doodle reminds us–the Rio Summer Olympics opening ceremony is set to begin 4pm PDT today!!!




…”Athletes’ olympic spirit is the only hope of redeeming the sullied Games”…”Olympics are a carnival of junk food marketing”…”Rio’s opening ceremony to be a pared-down affair”…

It seems local apathy around the games has been compounded by the recent Russian doping allegations.

It seems certain companies (sponsors) are being criticized for once again, using the Olympics to promote unhealthy high-fat and sugar products.

It seems “Athens was classic, Beijing was grandiose, London was smart – ours is going to be cool,” said a Brazilian film director who is part of the team behind Friday’s ceremony in Rio’s Maracana stadium.”

Apparently the ceremony “will be based on three pillars.”

“The first of these portrays Brazil as humanity’s last remaining “garden” and will carry a strong environmental message. The second is Brazil’s human diversity, which the organizers referenced as a message of hope in dark times, mentioning the uncertainties of both the upcoming US presidential elections and Brexit. The third is Brazil’s greeting to the world: “the way we are, the way we smile, the way we welcome.”

Wherever you may find yourself this fine summer day, — Cheers to a 1st rate first Friday in August that sings– we are, we smile, we welcome!!!!



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