…of unity, flight & voice…


…”Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders make plea for party unity”…”‘Look no fuel’: Solar plane completes round-the-world flight”…”Marni Nixon: My Fair Lady & West Side Story ‘ghost singer’ dies, aged 85″…

Apparently the Democratic National Convention has got underway with a rocky start.

Behind the scenes shenanigans and a ‘house divided’ seemed all too evident as the day one goings on saw interrupted speeches, incessant heckling and common courtesies abandoned causing much awkwardness.

And so it goes in politics in America!…..

Imagine that! The first plane powered by solar energy to tour the globe after 23 days in the air!

Imagine a career of being the behind the scenes voice in a plethora of ‘best picture’ movie classics!

Cheers to “ghostess with the mostest” who described her dubbing career as “just a part of the working singer’s job in Hollywood.”

What ever’s ‘the score’ for a summer Terrific Tuesday for you—may collegiality see you united in all things, may your spirit soar, and may ‘your voice’ captivate & be heard!

Tuesday Terrific sings—Hallelujah!!!


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