…of democrats, Canadian biz, & lemonade…

dcbBoy (6-8) selling lemonade from sidewalk stand

…”What to expect of the Democratic National Convention”…”Five Things to Watch This Week in Canadian Business”…”That cup of lemonade is how much?”…

Indeed Philadelphia ‘philly’ quips it’s a horse race with a long loooooooong stretch to November!

Have we, the rest of the world, tired of it all yet?!…

God Bless America!

Well, well, well, look what tops the list!…

1. USA politics
2. Real estate
3. The bottom line
4. It’s the economy
5. Blackberry

Apparently it’s all about the possible renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement & agreement or not with the Transpacific Partnership deal, taxes on vacant houses in the British Columbia real estate market, some key public company earnings reports, GDP reports and how wildfires in Ft. McMurray, Alberta curbed crude production and dimmed growth prospects for the rest of the year.

And lastly, Blackberry holds a function that will supposedly change the way “people and organizations think about mobile security and privacy.”

All in a day’s entrepreneurship tales of the day, seem to see some folks sneering at the $3 dixie cup of lemonade!!


Inflation? Marketing costs? Minimum (living) wage?

Seems we can all squirm in our folding chairs at the beach! Life indeed is a life-long learning process for all!!

Cheers to a fine summer Monday resplendent with refreshing moments!!

Retro Aluminum Woven Folding Patio Outdoor Furniture  Gremlina pertaining to Folding Patio Lounge Chairs


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