…of ‘calm & trade’, ‘roll out’ & fair share…


…”Could Brexit benefit Canada? Keep calm and trade on”…”After some bumps and crashes, Vancouver rolls out bike-share system”…

Between the UK and their ‘Brexit’ situation & the United States and their election, Canada is looking like a much more stable and safe place to be, according to some of the politico pundits. “To be successful, Canada can play a constructive role in helping Britain and the EU through what will undoubtedly be a difficult transition. Ultimately, this is Canada’s time. Let’s keep calm and trade on,” they say.

Apparently it’s been 7 years since the city of Vancouver started working on a bike-share program.

Yesterday’s roll out of 260 bikes and 29 stations has put a plan in motion with a ‘soft launch’.

Plans include ramping things up to 1,500 bikes available at 150 ‘docks’ throughout the city.

Interesting to note that Vancouver joins 70 cities in North America offering similar programs.

Cheers to a thrilling Thursday that sees you thriving & singing to all—join the chorus that resounds–fair share!



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