…of Republican/Democrat, milk & attitude/gratitude…


…”The GOP’s real theme: you might not like Trump but trust us, you’ll hate Hillary more”…”We could soon be paying more for ice cream, yogurt, cheese & butter”…”How to have an attitude of gratitude”…

So says one headline that lambastes the opponent for Benghazi, for emails & even for secret service protection.

As the Republican national convention cranks it up for Thursday’s main event speech and the Democrats ready themselves for their next week’s unconventional convention performances in Philadelphia it seems like all out political ‘war’ in all its nastiness is about to begin!

God Bless America!

Since the Canadian Dairy Association raised the price of milk on June 15th by 2.56%, the dilemma for small business owners across our land is whether or not to pass that increase on to their customers/consumers.

It’s a dance that can affect the demand for products & the food service industry which in these uncertain economic times, needs to be a carefully choreographed one!

I can hear Grandma now,….tighten the girdle lest the milk curdle!…

And one wonders if we need to have newspaper articles about practicing gratitude.
Need it be an attitude that is cultivated?
Can or should it not, especially for we who are blessed to live in Canada, be an attitude that is our ‘default’, our everyday ‘gps’ for days of living life to the fullest with thanks be?!

So be it!

Cheers to a willingly wonderful wild & wacky Wednesday that sings–much appreciated!!



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