…of Foreign Affairs & Summer Green ‘pears’…


As the ‘fruit’ ripens for UK politico pundits, the twitterverse has been all atwitter with quips about the new government.

It’s always a bit of a ‘let’s wait and see’ Your Majesty stance…

To quote a wise friend—“To all that has been–thanks be! To all that can be–Yes!


…”Britain’s new PM quickly cleans house in embrace of Brexit”…”Bank of Canada keeps the faith but lacks answers”…”Low wage earners with graduate degrees on the rise, new study shows”…

So says a smattering of today’s headlines that lament about uncertainties & unknowns and
short and long terms.

Let’s hope that in all things, the best is yet to come!

Cheers to a fine summer Thursday that sings–accentuate the positive!



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