…of births, rentals & ‘speculation tax’…


As today’s google doodle honouring geneticist Nettie Stevens enlightens us, it’s all in the ‘jeans’!!!

Here’s hoping your waistline need not to be genetically/’jeanetically’ modified!!!

As for some of the ‘XY & Z‘ of today’s headlines—

…”BC woman’s e-petition calls for end to birth tourism in Canada”…”Frenzied buying of Vancouver’s few apartment buildings prices renters out of the market”…”Ontario tried a speculation tax and the market collapsed overnight”…

Apparently, for 28 years, the house next door to a woman’s Richmond home has been operating as a maternity motel for pregnant women from China.

Seems to me, more facts are needed to assess the appropriateness or not of what’s going on and from where else might ‘birth tourism’ to Canada be originating?….

At first glance it seems like Canadian hospitals, just like some Canadian schools, may be encouraging it, because of the increased fees to foreigners that help fund what seems to be increasingly underfunded government health & education costs for operating schools and hospitals.


Apparently the number of apartment buildings that changed hands in Metro Vancouver in the first six months of the year is up 70% from a year ago. Snapped up by investors/speculators, they say.


“For decades, Barry Lebow has kept a scrapbook of one of the most traumatic business days in life. There are some dates you always remember, and for the Ontario real estate industry it’s April 9, 1974. That is the day the province shocked the sector by announcing a 50 per cent land speculation tax. “We had no wind of this,” said Lebow, now 69, and still a Toronto realtor. “I was 27 years old and I owned 53 houses the day (speculation tax) came in.

“We were the largest home buyers in Toronto, my (financial) partners and myself. I went to bed a millionaire and woke up owing about $1.5 million the next morning.”

Cheers to a thrilling Thursday that sees you thriving beyond speculation;
less worry and wonder;
more knowledge & information.

Thursday smiles YES to a ‘dyb dyb dyb, dob, dob, dob‘ kinda day!!!!

Akela says dyb = do your best; dob = do our best.
(Cub Scouts of Canada)



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