…of pound sterling, Toronto, & Jupiter…


…”UK pound slides to 31-year low after Brexit anxiety hits service sector”…”Welcome to the new Toronto: the most fascinatingly boring city in the world”…”Juno space probe orbits Jupiter”…

Under the realities of a shrinking British economy and the uncertainties surrounding government leadership and an organized exit from the EU, the British pound has fallen 12% since the Brexit vote.

Stability is something that’s likely to evade the British economy for many months to come.


So says, the UK Guardian headline!…Toronto, most boring city in the world. Yikes!

A city of others, they say.
A city of 51% foreign born with people from over 230 countries, making it by many assessments, the most diverse city in the world.
How much longer can a city so interesting insist on being so boring?, the article goes on to ask.



And as today’s google doodle alerts us to the orbit of the Juno space probe around Jupiter, a wee bit of nostalgia in song from an earlier time (1969):

Cheers to a fine Tuesday that sings of peace & love!!



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