…of June sunset & sunrise on July…


…”Euro tourists snapping up all the prime BC campsites”…”Canada Post set for labour disruption as early as this weekend”…”Brexit: A disaster decades in the making”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”Travel companies have been snapping up primo campsites in provincial parks and reselling them to European tourists while unhappy B.C. campers face a “sold-out” summer at their favourite campgrounds.”


SOMETHING ABOUT…”Pensions for new hires at the post office appear to be the main sticking point as talks between Canada Post and its 50,000 unionized workers go down to the wire, with the post office warning that mail movement could stop on July 2. Along with protecting benefits, the union wants Canada Post to offer banking services, as is common for post offices across Europe. The union also wants rural letter carriers, mainly women, to earn the same wages as urban workers, mainly men, whose wages are about 28 per cent higher.”

Cheers to ‘stamping’ their feet, but let’s keep the mail service happening sings—July, please deliver!!


SOMETHING ABOUT…”the forces that brought us here have been gathering for a very long time and the choice before us now is whether we are finally ready to confront the issues that we have blissfully denied and engage with the communities we have carelessly ignored.”

So….as the sun sets on June 2016 & with the sunrise anew on July, let’s take a few deep breaths & pause for some reasoned reflection!

HUMANITY…in an entire world that could be glorious & free, let’s stand on guard for thee!



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