…of ‘social progress’ & ‘sentiments’…


…”We’re #2: Cellphone use dragging down Canada’s ranking as most socially progressive nation”…”Should there be a second EU referendum?”…”How did Great Britain become Little England?”…

It seems they’re saying, if more of us would only use cellphones, we could be the best country in the world! “As it stands, we’re a not-too-shabby second on the newly released 2016 Social Progress Index, trailing only Finland and far ahead of the United States, a much richer nation that staggers in at No. 19.”

Doesn’t this just sing–cheers to ‘social progress’!!!…

And so go some of the headlines about the fury in the UK.

The uncertainty about where and how the country moves forward seems to be quite tainted with a “poisonous anti-foreign sentiment in the air” from some perspectives.

Cheers to a fine Wednesday—-

….where there is despair, hope!

….hatred, love!

….injury, pardon!

….darkness, light!

….sadness, joy!

In the giving & receiving, may hope! love! pardon! light! joy! illuminate your day!!!



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