…of Cornwall, Iceland, gold & silver…


…”After residents voted for Brexit, Cornwall realized the EU might stop sending them money”…”Ontario woman becomes Iceland’s ‘first lady’ after husband wins presidential election”…”Gold and silver have just become the brightest lights in uncharted Brexit waters”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”The county is heavily dependent on the more than 60 million British pounds (Cdn $106 million) in E.U. subsidies per year that are transferred to the region and that have helped finance infrastructure projects and education schemes. Now, county officials are panicking – fearing the worst for the county’s future and wondering why one of the most E.U.-dependent counties in Britain voted against the E.U. – and its money.”

Yikes!!…just one example of many precarious situations, no doubt!…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”Voters in Iceland have elected a new president, and in doing so have made a Canadian woman the Nordic nation’s new first lady. Gudni Johannesson has been declared the winner of Sunday’s vote, which means his wife will assume the first lady’s role. Eliza Reid — who grew up in the Ottawa Valley — met Johannesson when they were both studying history in England. Reid said she felt welcomed by Icelandic society and would consider it a tremendous honour to be first lady.”

Kudos & salut to the new first lady eh!

SOMETHING ABOUT…”uncertainty makes holding gold & silver a less volatile alternative for consideration amidst the threat of other countries leaving the EU. Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Sweden all giving rumblings of thoughts an exit too.”

All in the day’s headlines for a last Monday in June!

In all the uncertainty, may your Monday sing undoubtedly—let there be sunshine!!!

s1Canadian fjords3


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