…of ‘Independence day’, ‘let it be’…


…”Everything about the role of the UK in Europe is now called into question”…”The pound has plunged”…”Now is the time for France to have a referendum”…

So go the headlines the morning after the night before on a day that shouted expect the unexpected when many were only half paying attention!

David Cameron to step down as Prime Minister by October.

The pound fell to it’s lowest level since 1985 and has since rallied slightly.

Turbulence in the stock markets is expected for days to come.

British tourists today in Greece are already experiencing this:


“No cash exchange and no cash machine withdrawals for Brits.”

The people have spoken.

Let there be wisdom.

Let it be.

Cheers to a wise and wonderful Friday. Our world sings in all its challenges–carry on!


A hot air Balloon with a Union flag motif flying in front of dramatic storm clouds


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