…of wait & see, & how to make perfect Belgian waffles…


…”With Brexit too close to call, both camps appeal to national pride”…”Will a long loveless marriage end with Brexit?”…”Decision Day with EU referendum polls on knife edge”…

In case you didn’t know it or have not heard about it, TODAY’s the day that the UK votes to remaIN or Brexit.

Too close to call, the pundits say.

Thursday whispers–wait & see!

Apparently the Belgian waffle doesn’t hail from Brussels at all, but in fact, is a “pan European project with origins in Greece, and a Dutch name with its roots in the old French for honeycomb.”

As for the ‘perfect waffle’, it’s all about the ‘raising agent’, the liquid, the flour, fat, flavour, and the cooking!

“A good waffle must cook quickly”

So whatever be the decisions of the fourth Thursday of June for you, may there be little procrastination or ‘waffling’ in it!

Don your ‘flip flops’, get out in the sunshine, & in all the chutzpa & enthusiasm that remaINs in you always, may your day sing—YES! YES! YES!

‘Ever so’ ‘jolly good’,


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