…of stay/leave, peace hope compassion, & summer…


…”Could Britain really leave? Your guide to Brexit”…”Endless Prosecution of Vancouver rioters has cost taxpayers more than the actual mayhem”…”Summer officially arrives TODAY!”…

It’s interesting to note that “under Article 50 of the EU treaty, a member choosing to leave has two years to negotiate a new arrangement with the EU (the deadline can be extended with unanimous consent). Any new deal would have to be ratified by each EU member. During that period, Britain would remain a full EU member.”

So, in all the uncertainties it seems either way, yes or no to ‘Brexit’, many ‘we-just-don’t-know’ types of things will continue for challenging days ahead…


SOMETHING ABOUT…”It was June 15, 2011 when mayhem post-hockey game erupted in downtown Vancouver and $ 4.97M has been spent so far prosecuting $ 3.8M in assessed damages.”

Not to mention all the personal tolls on so many lives (young & not so young) and the knowledge that we live in a city nowadays that for so many reasons and on so many levels seems to be a powder keg of ‘just-under-the-surface’ tensions & possibilities for violence that could wreak havoc on daily living as we all want it to be.

Peace Vancouver! Hope Vancouver! Compassion!

As summer officially kicks off today, apparently “El Nino is passing the baton to El Nina. Above-normal temperatures are expected for most of this region with only coastal British Columbia expected to remain near normal. For the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, a stronger Pacific influence is expected to keep the heat in check, in contrast to the more persistent warmth of recent summers.”

And so it all goes for a fine 3rd Monday of June. likely the last one before school’s out for the summer!!!

Cheers to a hope filled,
peacefully vibrant day!!



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