…’and so it goes’ & ‘mmmm’…


…”YVR airport installs restroom for pets”…”Sweden bans M&Ms in chocolate trademark dispute”…

Yes, you read that right. The new “pet relief area features a puppy potty and a grass floor as well as features to allow easy access for people with disabilities.”

And so it goes, one might quip!

Apparently M&Ms in Sweden must not be sold with lower-case letters on the packaging!

Doesn’t that just sing—“mmmmm…”

Reminds me of that (not so politically correct) old dumb blonde joke that went something like this:

Q: Why did the dumb blonde get fired from the M & M factory?
A: She kept throwing out the W’s.!!!

Cheers to a thrilling thriving Thursday that smiles “and so it goes!” & resounds—mmmmmmmmmmarvellous !!!



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