…of crow, ‘oops’, & ‘pocket money’…


…”Crow attacks come thick & fast at West End hot spot”…”Chinese artist builds $20,000 fox statue out of Lego. Child walks under rope, leaves statue in ruins”…”Boys get more pocket money than girls”…

It seems the crows in Vancouver’s westend, especially at the intersection of Nelson & Jervis are wreaking havoc on pedestrians in the area.

Aggressive & intimidating. they are creating a scene just like out of Alfred Hitchcock’s–The Birds!

It seems a Chinese artist laboured three days & nights to build a Disney style fox out of Lego only to have a 4 year-old child accidentally reduce it to a pile of rubble in a matter of minutes. Yikes!

It seems that boys are getting on average 12% more pocket money than girls according to a UK survey of such things in Britain. Interestingly enough the lads were most often to say too that they need a ‘pay raise’!!!

Cheers to a 1st rate first June Friday & weekend that smiles–soar as the crow flies & make no mistake about it, well-fed, enjoyed-by-all, fine festive Fridays & weekends will require making allowances for tastes!

May your weekend song sing—INDULGE!!!



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