…of note, groceries, & Decoration Day…


…”UK’s first plastic bank note: Winston Churchill fiver ends trail of paper money”…”Canadians slow to adopt buying groceries online”…”Decoration Day recognizes veterans of Canada’s military”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”a cleaner, more durable and more secure polymer note to be revealed at Blenheim Palace, the ancestral home of the former Prime Minister, today”…

Interesting that this newer phenomenon comes to the UK significantly behind the state of Canada’s currency which has been polymer for quite some time now. By all reports Australia started using some polymer currency as early as 1988.

SOMETHING ABOUT…”the slow adoption of online grocery shopping in Canada is about to change quickly, a retail conference has been told”…

Apparently this growing phenomenon that is expected to saturate up to 15% of the grocery market, comes as millennials’ cellphones are at the hub of everything they do”…

Cheers to ‘do you deliver’?…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”being eclipsed by the similar Remembrance Day (November 11th) ceremonies, Decoration Day was established on June 2, 1890.”

Apparently despite the Armistice Remembrance Act establishing in 1931, November 11th as the official day for commemorating military service in Canada, legions from coast to coast will still give recognition to the earlier Decoration Day.

As this Thursday the 2nd day of June unfolds for you & your loved ones, may the ‘song’ of your day sing–duly noted, well fed, & all honour be!


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