…of ‘revolution’, ‘unaffordability’ & ‘procaffeinating’…


…”China marks 50 years since Cultural Revolution with silence”…”For millennials in Vancouver, the living ain’t easy”…”Procaffeinating”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”anything but silence, will damage Mao’s reputation” & “a decade long period of political upheaval & turmoil should go unremembered to maintain political stability now”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”the typical millennial couple in Vancouver has no discretionary income and will rack up debt of $ 2,745 a year, study finds”…

How are we going to keep 24-35 year olds living and working in our city?!…”Unaffordability is emptying Vancouver of one of its most valuable assets — young people from the city who want to stay invested in it.”


Cheers to a mellow Monday of delayed implementation that sings–‘the daily grind’: grounds for loosening up, unwinding, easing into Tuesday!



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