..of ‘say what?’, doggie vacays, & sneakers…


…”How to cook the perfect aloo gobi”…”What to consider when planning a holiday with a dog”…”From low-tops to high-end, how sneakers became more of a luxe lifestyle than a hobby”…

Say what???…‘aloo gobi’…”this Punjabi potato and cauliflower curry is now a prized dish across India and Pakistan.”
Potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, onion, with dashes of cumin, tumeric &
coriander seeds & ‘voila’ sings–delicious!
Oh!…and a squeeze of lime juice!

SOMETHING ABOUT…camping, pet-friendly hotels, cottage rentals & a myriad of factors around travel make one wonder about leaving ‘Fido’ or ‘Putsula’ at home!


SOMETHING ABOUT…”people are lining up to buy shoes.”

“Buying shoes has made the leap of late from pastime to passion. Sites like Hypebeast and Sneaker News have made empires of a flourishing interest. Boutiques have made fortunes satisfying the surge in demand. “Sneakerheads,” to use the favoured self-mocking sobriquet, have made men’s footwear more than a market. It’s a phenomenon.”

Cheers to a phenomenally fine Thursday this 11th day of May, 132nd day of the year!



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