…of ‘Fort McM’, ‘O Canada’, & ‘rainbows’


…”Nearly 90% of Fort McMurray still intact; 2,400 structures lost”…”Debate over O Canada lyrics is about language, not gender equality”…”‘Rainbows’ in the forecast”…

The devastation from wildfires at Alberta’s Fort McMurray is horrendous but today’s headline could have described something that might have been much worse.

May all who have been uprooted find their way to ‘normalcy‘ with new ways and new beginnings filled with hope & renewed plans to prosper.

The debate centers around “in all thy sons” & the intended meaning being “all of us”, albeit not using the most inclusive language with the sons reference.
One could quip ‘sunny ways’ & ‘sonny days’ sings–make the change and get on with it with our Canada, glorious and free!

For me ‘all thy sons’ is just another historical type reference to humankind that in earlier days was referred to as strong>mankind’, just like salutations were all too often ‘Dear Sirs’, but the intention was and always was intended to refer ‘to all’.

So be it! Let our language be life giving rather than life sapping!

I’ve lived long enough to know that ‘in the storms of life‘ we can draw comfort from the fact that ‘the sun’ ALWAYS comes after ‘rain’.

Whatever the challenges might be for you & those you love this May Tuesday, know there are ‘rainbows’ in the forecast!

Terrific Tuesday!



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