…of wildfires, ‘PM’, & handbags…

-Andy Everson, First Nations artist “May the 4th be with you!”


…”Wildfires threatening 80,000 Fort McMurray residents”…”More than just a poster boy: Canadians on Justin Trudeau, six months in”…”China: Court rules against Apple allowing ‘iPhone’ handbags”…

Soaring temperatures and tinder-dry forest are fueling out-of-control wildfires in Alberta’s
Fort McMurray.
The rapidity of conditions changing was the most alarming to the professional firefighters & residents alike.
May all be safe!

SOMETHING ABOUT…”where some see openness, authenticity and vision, others detect only talk, a well-oiled PR machine and a new face on business as usual.”

SOMETHING ABOUT…”Smartphone-maker loses appeal over use of ‘iphone’ branding on leather goods in China allowing handbags, phone cases and wallets to continue to be sold.”

Some might quip certain headlines of today quip— “Knock it off!”

May the forces be with you for a safe and secure, genuinely respectful Wednesday!


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