…of ‘heat’, ‘buzz’, & ‘safe’…



…”Temperature records shattered in BC”…”Bees could make a big breakthrough in strawberry science”…”Chinese police to patrol Rome streets”…

Temperatures soared to a record 27.2C in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour yesterday as a record 24.7C was recorded at YVR.

Delta’s Burns Bog was BC’s record ‘hot spot’ with 31.1C.

A few cooler days in the forecast they say, but warmth to return again by the weekend!

It seems the latest buzz around the bumble-bee is “as they forage for nectar, they are helping to fight botrytis, a fungus that affects strawberries both in the field and in the kitchen.” Apparently, reducing crop yields and contributing to food waste.

Cheers to “a made-in-Canada innovation that could change the way many crops are managed around the world – and demonstrate that a little bee power can go a long way.”

Strangely and interestingly enough, it seems with the blessing of the Italian Interior Ministry, “Chinese police are joining Italian officers on the streets of Rome and Milan in an experiment aimed at helping tourists from China feel safe.”

Cheers to a safe & sound Tuesday that smiles—enjoying the buzz!!



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