…of guard & paddling & dispense with the pot…


…”We’re back, Kits’ Coast Guard Base officially reopens”…”Community takes part in Vancouver’s launch of new Paddling Centre”…”Vancouver by-law officers begin fining pot dispensaries still open without licenses”…

“With little fanfare, the Canadian Coast Guard base in Kitsilano reopened yesterday”.

Three years after the controversial closure of the facility by the former Conservative federal government, we local boaters & commercial mariners can once again know in the event of emergencies, response times will once again be more reasonable.

“The Vancouver park board’s new $3.2-million Paddling Centre, made up of six small storage buildings for non-motorized boats and paddling equipment and six floating docks, officially opened this week on the south side of False Creek, in front of the Creekside Community Recreation Centre.”

Apparently, dragon boat sessions, & rides on paddle boards and kayaks were available for all as part of the celebrations on a fine April 30th ‘summery’ day!



“Following a significant increase of marijuana-related businesses setting up shop, the city of Vancouver established a framework last year to regulate the businesses and began requiring dispensaries to apply for licenses. Those applicants that did not meet requirements — dispensaries must be in commercial zones and at least 300 metres from schools, community centres, and another dispensary — were rejected. Many are awaiting appeal hearings.”


And so it goes, all on a Vancouver weekend!

Cheers to a fine first May Monday marvellous, meticulous, mellow!

Make merry!


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