…of ‘choir’, recipe, & ‘core’…


…”People with more friends have higher pain thresholds, study suggests”…”Best spring recipes: Cod & ginger congee, rhubarb meringue pie”…”A brief guide to everything that’s annoying about Apple”…

It’s all about endorphins, they say, “potent pain-killing chemicals produced by the body that also trigger a sense of well-being.”

“If experiencing chronic pain, should we join a choir, march off with an army, or spend more time with friends? All may have a positive effect”, the article expounds!

It’s all about spring foods that are “healing, invigorating and refreshing” apparently.
Orange & rhubarb in combo for a taste buds rumba!

It’s headline news when a company experiences a sales volume decline for the 1st time in 13 years. Not to mention that the effect on the company’s stock is a loss of some $40 billion
in value in one day!
Yikes! Apple!

And a long winded tale of ‘core’ values & life’s little annoyances from passwords and photo downloads to “bigger, smaller, & just the right size”.

Thriving through this fine final Thursday of April, has your personal income tax return been filed yet?; what will soothe any ‘pain’in your today?; will the recipe for your aujourd’hui contain nothing but the finest ingredients?…

Many happy returns!


Fine fixings!


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