…of write, right & wrong…


…”In person, the real Shakespeare must have been a lot more like a late-night talk-show writer”…”Canadians love a tax refund: Here’s how to blow yours, starting with why you really shouldn’t”…”Baked beans taste test: Can anything beat Heinz?”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”If he had stood out from the others as a man, we would possess more than a bare paragraph of information about him. But the human race really cannot seem to help regarding him as a sort of adult amidst a species of children, a heaven-sent wonder-worker.”


SOMETHING ABOUT…if you’re getting a refund, “the getting it means you’re a bit of a sucker — you’ve been providing Ottawa with a tax-free loan for months.”

If the tax refund is really like forced savings then the question becomes what to do with it when it comes. “So how do you that? You start by earmarking that refund money for expenditures that might have a lasting effect on your fortune.”

So be it!

SOMETHING ABOUT…”Heinz beans made their UK debut in 1886. Little wonder that, 130 years later, its baked beans remain the nation’s favorite. Sweet and tomatoey, gently earthy, calculatedly bland,…we eat Heinz beans out of habit and sentimentality, rather than because they taste incredible.”

And so it goes!
Wrong! I’ve always contended Mom’s summer smorgasbord-at-the-cottage old ceramic crock of baked beans have and will always be the best!…

In a word or two for a final wonderful Wednesday of April, cheers to a right kinda day that singsNOT–wrong number!


” ‘bean’ there, done that, aghast! ”


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