…of ‘shine’…


As the ‘google doodles’ remind us, today is not only Earth Day around the world, but in Canada, also a day to specifically and intentionally look at further reconciliation with indigenous peoples across our country and ‘glorious & free’ land.



…”No sketching signs betray everything museums are made for”…”Zero-wasters: the millennials that can fit a year’s worth of trash in a jar”…

SOMETHING ABOUT “No visit should be complete without tripping over a skinny-jeaned student clutching a sketchbook. This draconian diktat denies visitors their art education.”

SOMETHING ABOUT “They treasure taking a sleek, modern approach to reducing waste in their efforts to save the planet – but they face their fair share of criticism, too.”

Share a smile!

Give a handshake or a pat on the shoulder!

Say hello!

Stop, pause, help by holding open a door!

Give a hug, wipe away a tear!




Cheers to a brilliant Friday & weekend!


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