…of ‘Ma’am’ & salut!


…”Loonie ‘confused’ by oil swings but could yet retake 80 cent mark”…”New York: Hillary Clinton wins decisive victory over Bernie Sanders”…”The Queen and a reign of abject failure”…

All in an April day’s headlines, especially the last one that shrieks—how dare they say!!!…

Seems the abject failure comments are but mere speculation about the King Charles that will some day be!…

In the sunshine after rain–let the son shine!…

As this 110th day of the year known as 420 (4/20) springs into action in Vancouver, the city braces for some controversy over the annual cannabis rally that’s been historically on the grounds of the Vancouver Art Gallery in the heart of the downtown core.
City officials have asked for it to be moved to a less central location at Sunset beach for this year, away from the masses of city office workers and downtown tourists.
Time will tell what happens…

Whatever’s on your roster for a fine spring Wednesday, may you see clearly and delight in all beyond the smoke & mirrors!

Fine April Wine Wednesday sings— salut !!!



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