of ‘power’, ‘runs’ & majesty…


…”Blue skies ahead?: Canadian solar power counts one million homes…”Sun Run unites tens of thousands, each with a different reason to run”…”Queen Elizabeth: long to reign over us?”…

SOMETHING ABOUT “cost effective consumption of energy & production of it too”……power-to-the-people!

It was a great day yesterday for Vancouver’s annual Vancouver Sun Run. Blue skies, sunshine, and just under 44,000 runners dashed from the staging area at Georgia & Burrard asthe band played on buoying the crowd of participants and observers!

The event was a fine boost to the restaurant & watering hole establishments across the city as folks waited for traffic to return to ‘normal’ & road closures to be lifted.

All in a day’s fun smiles–run!

At 90, the Queen is carrying on as normal. What’s next is apparently the question “haunting the House of Windsor.”…

No British monarch has ever been blessed with such longevity!

Long to reign over us. God save the Queen!

Cheers to a regally wonderful Monday, powered up brilliantly that sings—SUNSHINE !!!



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