…of ‘blossoming’, ‘millennial’, & ‘swinging-thru-the-trees’…


…”Final days of cherry blossom magic”…”What does ‘millennial’ mean?: Is it vague, lazy, & meaningless?”…”Chimpanzee sparks alert after electrifying escape from Japan zoo”…

Cheers to the “fleeting beauty” of the annual cherry blossoms!

Millennial??…now there’s a question for the millennium!…

Shockingly some might say (or should that be unshockingly?), electricity was lost in some 1,800 homes while Chacha, a male chimp was hit with a sedative arrow atop a power pole after two hours on the loose!

And did you know that chimpanzees are anthropoid apes, not monkeys?!

All in a day’s headlines that sing–may there be blossoming in your Springtime Friday & weekend, may you find clarification in all things millennial, & may you revel in some swinging-thru-the-trees kinda days!!!



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