…of ‘loonie’ & pine beetle & ‘merde’…


…”Big day for the high-flying loonie but Bank of Canada could clip its wings tomorrow”…”Global warming induced ‘fertilization effect’ causing BC’s forests to grow back faster than expected”…”Mind the merde: Why can’t French cities clean up after their dogs?”…

Good news on some fronts is that our loonie has rebounded 14% since it hit its 12-year low in January! It remains to be seen what the Bank of Canada will do about setting interest rates today…

Apparently this ‘fertilization effect’ phenomenon on BC’s forests will be enough to to cancel out the devastating effect on our forests by the mountain pine beetle by 2020…


Apparently —-“Look up while you’re in Montpellier, and the city is all tawny limestone edifices and wrought-iron balconies, a beautiful and slightly mysterious medieval town. Look down, and it’s a shitshow.”

It seems a media-type resident to Montepelier, since recently moving there is “shocked at the amount of dog poo on the pavements, squished into gratings, dolloped generously around trees, washed into a greasy bouillon by the rain.”

Need I say no more!…

Whatever’s on your slate for a fine April Wednesday…..Cheers to a rise up kinda day where you see clearly the forest for the trees and no one poo-poos your creative ideas!


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