….of ‘snowboards’ & ‘coffee shops’…


…”Five reasons to check out the World Ski & Snowboard Festival in Whistler”…”The caffeine curse: why coffee shops have always signalled urban change”

It seems Whistler will be ‘whistling’ #1 snowboarding & skiing, but #2-5 will also see music concerts, comedy shows, a 72 hour film showdown, & “a multiplicity of photography, slideshows, video & anecdotes & inspirational visual storytelling by mountain world personalities”….April 8-17th!

Coffee shops and gentrification, they say, may not be that different than what was going on centuries ago across the world!

Something about social and intellectual hubs!


For generations, “places of ‘what news have you today?’ rather than ‘what’s the WiFi password?'”….

And so it goes!…

Cheers to a Fine Friday and weekend that sings– we know the score!


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