…of ‘sedentary’, ‘loneliness’ & ‘World Health Day’


…”Does taking fewer than 5,000 steps a day make you sedentary?”…”What’s the world’s loneliest city?”…”World Health Day–April 7th”…

It seems it’s all about if “you take 5,000 steps in a day or 10,000, meaning that you would cover either about 4 or 8 kilometres, in both cases, if you concentrate those steps into a single session of exercise and then spend the rest of your waking hours slumped in a desk chair or in front of a television, you will be more sedentary than active.”

Long bouts of sitting are what need our attention & our consideration to change the habit! Remember those ‘olden days’ ads for PARTICIPACTION??!!!….

In Tokyo you can rent a cuddle.

In Manchester, UK loneliness is a health issue.

In Shenzhen, China, perhaps noone is as isolated as a migrant worker.

“In Australia, city dwellers have fewer friends than they did two decades ago. In the US, a troubling one in five people said they had only one close friend. Or consider idyllic-looking Vancouver, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, which struggles not only with affordability (it was recently crowned the most expensive city in North America), but also with friendliness.”

So are people in Shanghai or Berlin more solitary than those in Stockholm or Vancouver?, asks the article. “Unfortunately, there is no data with which to address it. Maybe urban loneliness is ephemeral. Or perhaps we can learn from Henry Miller’s struggle with New York; in 1944, he packed his bags and moved to sunny Big Sur, California.”, it goes on to say.

WHAT you quip?….No, WHO!!!…The World Health Organization declares today April 7th as World Health Day with a 2016 focus on the growing rates of diabetes.

Cheers to a thoroughly thrilling Thursday that sings—good health & a large dose of active & friendly!

Take a special someone for refreshment!



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