…of ‘Wenlock’ & ‘Tartan Day’…


As the GoogleDoodle marks the 120th anniversary of the first Olympic Gamse, the UK town of Wenlock, 130 miles north of London is in the news as a place in 1850 encouraged by the town’s only physician, that encouraged outdoor recreation and the awarding of a prize to promote “the moral, physical, and intellectual improvement of its inhabitants”.

I bet you didn’t know it, that the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320 in Scotland and to commemorate this event, since the early ’90’s Canada has designated this day, April 6th as Tartan Day.
“An annual ‘Gathering of the Clans’ will take place each April 6 or on the Sunday nearest to it on Parliament Hill in Ottawa at noon with pipes, drums, and dancing hosted by the Sons of Scotland Pipe Band, Canada’s oldest civilian pipe band.”
British Columbia apparently proclaimed today as Tartan Day in 1992.

Cheers to a terrific Tartan Day Wednesday that has you ‘reeling’ & singing to a skirl that smiles ‘Bonnie Dundee’ !!!



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