…of ‘vanilla’, ‘chess’, & ‘colourful new look’…

vParkRoyalChess1.jpgCup Coffee Newspaper Tablet Hands Phone

…”BC’s ice cream lovers and makers despair over vanilla bean price hike”…”West Vancouver’s ParkRoyal mall drops curtain on 50 years of chess games”…”Redesigned Vancouver Sun’ to be revealed”…

SOMETHING ABOUT “a global vanilla crisis turning BC’s tastemakers into a bunch of bean counters”…A 3 fold increase in the price of vanilla beans in the last year.

SOMETHING ABOUT “chess players being told to stop playing with their kings and queens in the food court”…All about the food court being kept free for paying food court customers. No loitering…

SOMETHING ABOUT “an unveiling of a number of changes to the Vancouver Sun in print, and digitally on web, smartphone & tablet, to be revealed on Tuesday.” All platforms will have a “colourful new look” apparently.

So there you have it for a fine 1st April Monday!

Let ‘the scoop’ that’s your day be colourful & brilliant & may it resound, hour by hour—-it’s your move!



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