…of ‘Easter Monday’…


On a travel day for many, returning home after Easter, just a few poems from Heathrow!…


Through air and land to S.E.A.
My friend once flew to C LA
He came back tanned and A OK
His mum, she went to WET
She flew straight home C.O.L.D.
You sit you fly you catch some Z’s
In Zanzibar or ZZV
So Y not board and U will C
That’s how you get from A to B

-Danny Wallace, aka as DFW

The Billion Bug Road

As your airplane climbs into the sky
Think about all the other things up there that fly
Between the earth and the clouds are hundreds of roads,
In cake like layers, linked by invisible nodes
These roads are full of travelling bugs
Off to new places and looking for love.
Up one thousand, two thousand, three thousand feet
Are butterflies, houseflies and things with six feet.
Up four thousand, five thousand, six thousand, more
You’ll meet ladybirds, aphids and beetles galore
At ten thousand feet are millions of moths
At twelve thousand feet, silk holds spiders aloft.
The highest bug you’re likely to meet
Is a termite, at nineteen thousand feet
But humans in airplanes travel much higher
Than insects or spiders on their high wires
So wave at the bugs as you fly over their heads
And look for the ladybirds in polka dot red.

– M.G. Leonard

Big Suitcase

In this big suitcase packed for wherever
you have space to dream up any weather
cloud busting mountains, a whispering shell
a flake of soft snow, my shadow farewell,
Butterfly-spring surprise bursting cocoon,
fat winged trampoline, mighty air balloon
honey spill sunshine, roaring ocean blue
creep tiger, wild fire, slice of gold moon
clown town carnival, snore by the lagoon
raindrops pellet globes like palms of baboons,
marshmallow mattress, stuffing face banquets,
whole world under this star twinkled blanket,
time for old stories, to crinkle your eyes,
a rumbling hum of hammock lullaby..
get comfortable, float like a bubble,
postcard your eyes, sweep away the troubles,
freckle skinned like a warm egg, hatch a new day
then spin tomorrow into yesterday
so eat like a bear, lean back in your chair,
brave young thing do anything that you dare
bikini, trunklings, the shore shushing snare
…just a tiptoe away from wishing you there…

-Laura Dockrill

Cheers to marvellous Mondays and safe travels!


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