…of flag, up the down escalator & last tango…


…”New Zealand votes to keep its flag with UK links”…”Fashion retailing is like ‘walking up the down escalator'”…”President Obama dances the tango in Argentina”…

Doesn’t that just sing—by the left one, quick, march!…apparently 56.6% voted for the status quo.

What with economic uncertainty and weaker consumer spending, a UK retailer has said sales forecasts need to be slashed and the year ahead will be the worst since 2008.

If empty Robson Street storefronts in Vancouver are any indication, it seems North America is experiencing some of the same.

Somehow that reminds me of an old novel–Up The Down Staircase

Some might quip that last headline smiles—don’t cry for me Argentina!, as Obama seems to make the rounds of here there and everywhere before he leaves office.

Whatever be the ‘tangos’ of your day, first or last, enjoy the dance!


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