…of loonie & page…


…”Loonie hits 77 cents with good reasons to rise and shine today”…”How using paper can improve your productivity”…”‘President Trump’ sixth on list of ‘major threats’ to global economy”…

Cheers to a five-month high for our loonie! Up 9 cents from where it was in January!

So much for the ‘paperless office’ being the way of the future! It seems studies show you can be more productive using paper in the early stages of a project, for capturing ideas and tasks, and for note taking…

Take note! : )

Damaged trade and increased Middle East instability are being expressed as concerns for the future with USA politics now being in a state of almost unbelievable uncertainty.

“Time will tell” as Mom used to say…

And so it goes this luck o’ the Irish March 17th St. Patrick’s Day!


An oyster from Kalamazoo
Confessed he was feeling quite blue.
For he said, “As a rule,
When the weather turns cool,
I invariably get in a stew.”

Cheers to a page turning, ‘the world is your oyster’ kinda day!



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