…of elections, parks & ketchup…


As the google doodle honours ‘pioneering female astronomers’ some of the eye catching headlines scream: …”Trump wins Florida primary but loses Ohio, while Clinton sweeps & Rubio quits”…”Japan is worried about China but USA may not be able to help them”…”National parks improvements planned, with goal of attracting more immigrants, urbanites”…

Spring has sprung & British Columbia’s provincial park campsite reservation system opened again for another season to record numbers flocking to book their coveted campsites. So busy, they say, the website crashed several times throughout the day.

Those who beckon from Ontari-ari-ari-o know that Leamington Ontario is the tomato capital of Canada. Heinz closed a major processing plant there last year putting 700+ out of work & now it seems competitor French’s, the maker of the popular mustard has committed to buy tomatoes from Canadian farmers in the area.

Dovetailing that and to recognize Canadians support of the idea in social media, Canada’s largest grocer has now said they will continue to stock French’s ketchup after a previously announced decision to nix it from their shelves.


Cheers to a wide-eyed Wednesday that quips—feeling behind in your week?, long time no see?….

May your song sing—catch up!

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