…of lot & alot…


…”Demolition for old Vancouver home worth $2.498 million in 2012″…”Teaching kids household chores is a valuable lesson”…”Hospital makes deliberate decision to focus on patient care”…

It’s a puzzle to me that the media keeps reporting the way they do, the value of homes that are being demolished in Vancouver.
It’s a misnomer in my view, because in reality it’s the lot value, the fair market value of the land that is putting the prices of these properties into the stratosphere.
Often times, the houses can be in quite poor condition.
Not always, but often.

And so it goes…

Doesn’t that second headline just sing–the ‘irony’ of it!, could there be anything more ‘pressing‘?!?!…

Of course it’s a great thing to know how to load and unload a dishwasher, shovel some snow, take out the garbage, make your bed, properly water the plants &/or make Mom or Dad some tea!

Now there’s one of those headlines that with all the PR and HR professionals that consult, and advise and formulate policy that could just make one scream——daaaaah!

For how many centuries now have hospitals existed & it’s only NOW that someone in there wisdom rallies the troops to say why don’t we decide to focus on patient care?!


Well that’s it for my few thoughts on the headlines of today!

Cheers to alot of daaah & hmmmmm

Here’s hoping your Thursday will be one that smiles—-thriving!!!



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