…of tumbleweed, ‘kanji’ & fish & chips…

…”Fast growing tumbleweed blows into Australian city”…”Japanese tourists flock to see Hachi, the cat with lucky eyebrows”…”Good bye fish & chips: National survey reveals changing trends in British dining”…

I must say I’ve never seen anything quite like this before!…hairy panic they call it!



It seems the eyebrows resemble the Kanji character for the number eight, “harbinger of good luck.”


It seems since 1974, “consumption of tea, baked beans & sliced bread has fallen while pizza, pasta, and fruit have become more popular.”

Fish & chips have gone the way of the kebab, in favour of meat take-away.

So go some of the wild wacky & weird headlines of the day.

Whatever’s dished up on the platter that’s your Thursday, cheers to a smile & a song that sings—‘oh that’s weird‘ !!!



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