…or ‘clarity & sound’, ‘loonie tunes’, & vested interest…


As today’s google doodle honours the inventor of the stethoscope, what better day to you wish you a Wednesday that never skips a beat that sings a wheeze-free day–clarity & sound!


…”Omnivores sink teeth into meat alternatives market”…”How Canadian snowbirds are feeling the pinch of the loonie: ‘There are no deals anymore'”…”14,000 orange life jackets reflect Europe’s refugee crisis as art”…

SOMETHING ABOUT “unflavoured texturized vegetable protein” (or TVP) probably won’t set many mouths to watering. And yet the soy-crumble-cum-ground-meat-replacement helped build a Richmond, B.C.-based food empire. In 1997, Happy Veggie World began selling vegan and vegetarian foods to the local Buddhist community – back when mock meats were a novelty in Canada, it was a niche company selling tofu, bean curd and TVP to a niche market.” It seems IKEA now even has a vegan alternative to the much loved Swedish meatball !!

Cheers to new roll outs !!!…(where chili & con carne meet!)

SOMETHING ABOUT “cutting back discretionary spending and eating in restaurants less all across Florida & Arizona for ‘wintering’ Canadians.”

SOMETHING ABOUT “the life vests in Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s latest piece on Europe’s refugee crisis were among the thousands discarded by migrants and refugees after they crossed the sea from Turkey to Greece.”


Wonderful Wednesday cheers smile–take a vested interest in all that needs doing well, today in your world !!



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