…of reunion, jet stream & consolidate…



…'”The most wonderful thing that could have happened”/War veteran reunited with girlfriend after 70 years’…”Winds of climate change will make transatlantic flights longer & more expensive”…”Japan’s Asahi to buy Peroni & Grolsch brands”…

All in the day’s headlines sing:

SOMETHING ABOUT about an 88 year old Australian and a USA Virginian at 93, reuniting more than 70 years after they first met. By all reports, the two will spend Valentine’s Day together down under.

SOMETHING ABOUT a faster jet stream adding thousands of hours to travel times & increase airline fuel bills. Apparently, “Climate change is increasing the speed of the jet stream, a strong high-altitude wind that blows west to east across the Atlantic. Pilots harness the jet stream to get from the US to Europe more quickly, but have to battle it on the return journey, which currently takes an hour longer.”

SOMETHING ABOUT Japanese beer purveyor Asahi, in the midst of falling market demand for its own products acquiring a UK brewer’s Peroni & Grolsch brands. Apparently, the idea of mega-brewers is raising some concerns as coveted craft beer producers are gradually being swallowed up by the giants.

Cheers to a first day of Lent that smiles — fast! track! & unite! & quips — fare thee well!

Wonderful Wednesday!





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