…of veggie, wing it & middle age…


…”How To Make The Most of Winter Veggies”…”Seven chicken-wing recipes perfect for Super Bowl Sunday”…”Reasons to be cheerful, 1,2,3…Why There’s a Bright Side to Middle Age”…

Yes, there you have it in the headlines for a February Thursday.

Super Bowl is this Sunday! All football fans ‘America’ will be glued to their televisions, we used to say, but stats show nowadays that many watch online with their laptops or tablets! Rapid technology innovation is changing our world!

What’s your favourite winter vegetable?

Would you ‘turn up’ your nose to ‘carotid’ artery clogging butter ladened winter squash?!?!

Turnips and carrots a good second choice! Purse your lips to parsnips?…

Who doesn’t like chicken wings? Honey garlic or karaage style can be favourites or reach for the hoisin & chilies.

Apparently some of the bright sides of middle age are:

-“you can pretend to be a technophobe;
-you have a well developed sense of irony;
-confusion is the spice of middle-age;
-diapers and projectile vomiting are so last decade;
-your expectations, like interest rates, are sensibly low;
-you can express yourself eloquently without puppets!”

Middle-aged, younger, or well into your sunset years, cheers to a thoroughly thrilling Thursday that sings your thriving!!

Thanks be!


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