…of Vancouver exit, MBA, & Alphabet…


…”Aaorn Hildebrandt: I love Vancouver, but it doesn’t love me”…”Former Rotman dean: MBA programs must be more relevant”…”Alphabet: How it became the biggest company in the world”…

SOMETHING ABOUT “why a man finally gave up on living in Vancouver when it came to grow his family.”

And sadly & tellingly enough, a move for this young family to Vancouver Island, “a place that wants us to be there”, says it all.

SOMETHING ABOUT “the MBA being in for a rough ride for North America, as the payoff for employment vs. investing in your own startup just isn’t there and a need to teach not only narrow disciplines but to learn to solve complex multi-discipline problems that are the real business world.”

SOMETHING ABOUT “since Google restructured to become ‘Alphabet’ it has almost doubled its total value–despite its products remaining the same as ever.”

Apparently it’s all about ‘search’, and Youtube, and android in the quest for ‘value’.

And so it goes in a day’s headlines that certainly hint of big questions for the future.

Are there new ways?

Do there need to be new ways?

What’s ‘value’?!?!



Cheers to a February Tuesday that sings innovation & smiles—you betcha !!!


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