…of ‘January 28’…


January 28th

Data Privacy Day

aka (in Europe) Data Protection Day

“Data Privacy Day (known in Europe as Data Protection Day)is an international holiday that occurs every January 28. The purpose of Data Privacy Day is to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. It is currently ‘celebrated’ in the United States, Canada, and 47 European countries”, says Wikipedia.

Privacy. Security. Permissions.

Indeed, they are some of the buzzwords of the internet & ‘app’ world.

But how meaningful are they really?…..that can be a question!

I remember the first time I searched a particular topic and later was writing an email concerning it, how startling it was to be bombarded with “ads” and links to the topic in the email’s margins.

Roll forward a few years and after writing emails about this and that, our google searches start referring often in the periphery to topics previously written about.

It’s certainly abit “big brotherish”. But experts try to be assuring that it’s all about
“meta data” and algorithms and that there’s no single individual stalking our online activity.

Let’s hope so.

I may be old school, but I hesitate more often than saying ‘yes’ to downloading apps that seem to ask for permissions that are way beyond what’s applicable for what one hopes the app will do.

Do most people just ignore this stuff? Am I the paranoid one? Is caution a virtue?

Whatever’s the agenda for a fine Thursday in your ‘world’, may online smart in it be at its core.

Take Thursday in your stride, rising to all the challenges, smiling yes yes I can hack it!


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