…of ‘extreme’…


…”International outrage erupts after Saudi cleric says chess is forbidden”…”Tajikistan shaves beards off 13,000 men, ‘convinces’ 1,700 women to drop hijab to curb radicalization”…”Monster snowstorm bears down on US east coast threatening chaos”…

SOMETHING ABOUT chess “being a waste of time and leads to rivalry and enmity.”

SOMETHING ABOUT about “overly long and unkempt beards and “brought to order.”

SOMETHING ABOUT “a state of emergency has been declared in Washington, DC and five states as 30 inches of snow and high winds may shut down up to a third of the country.”

So go the headlines on a day when the google doodle chooses to honour Wilbur Scoville, the master of studying what makes chillies so hot. The Scoville organoleptic test has been the definitive rating of how hot a chili is for over 100 years.

I’m dating myself but my first reaction to the google doodle was “oh, it’s Dick Smothers!” of the once famed Smothers Brothers tv variety show in the USA.

One word to tie all this together in conciseness and succinctly might be — extreme!

Cheers to a lighthearted Friday & weekend that sings—“enter the conversation at your own risk, extreme sarcasm in use at all times!”



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