…of inauguration…


Did you know that today is ‘inauguration’ day?

Yes, that’s referring to the United States and their elections. Every four years in odd-numbered years, January 20th is the day unless it happens to fall on a Sunday.

So as the ‘TRUMPets’ continue to sound, and the Clinton cacophony continues, it will be a year from today that the world sees a new United States President installed.

Monday was Martin Luther King Day in the USA. A holiday, nationwide.

It’s notable that Martin Luther King once said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

What is it that matters for each one of us in our day-to-day?

Do we actually take much time to consciously think about that or are we too often so busy on the treadmill of daily living that we’re going through motions?

There is much that we can see hear and read about in the media that we can think yikes! great! oh no! about many things that matter. What about some of those other things that we
can be so quick to dismiss and think oh well! whatever!?

Cheers to a fine Wednesday of beginnings & endings!

What might you begin now?

What might you bring to a much needed conclusion or completion?

Cheers to a Wednesday that matters! Master it well!!



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