…of ‘global markets’, Syrian refugees & restaurants stop it!…


…”Global markets slammed by fresh oil price fears”…”After arriving in Canada, Syrian refugees still stuck in limbo”…”12 Things Restaurants Must Stop Doing in 2016″…

As the price of oil dives below $30/barrel, fears are leading to unprecdented stock market volatility and our Canadian dollar took another hit yesterday.

Meanwhile some 200 refugees who had arrived in Vancouver several weeks ago with much fanfare, still remain in temporary hotel housing with inadequate living allowances as they struggle to get on with their lives in a productive and self-sustaining fashion.
The ‘limbo’ an aggravation amidst their gratefulness to be here.

A bit of a muse from the UK, I’d say, but here it is:

Please stop taking my order without a notebook
All restaurants must install big enough tables to accommodate their small-plate-sharing menus.
And while we’re at it, please stop sending dishes out “when they’re ready”
Stop it with granola too.
What is it with taking the bread plate away at the end of the starters?
Unsalted butter? I mean, really!
Oh, and put salt and pepper on the table
Please stop putting the pages of wine lists inside plastic sleeves.
And list bottles in price order from cheapest upwards
And if I tell you I’ll fill the wine glass myself I mean it.
And finally, don’t you ever, ever, ever again give the bill to the only person on the table who happens to possess testicles

Cheers to a life’s aggravations-free day!


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