…of ‘ups & downs’ & ‘ticket-to-ride’…


…”Alberta’s history shows economic downturns don’t last forever”…”The million dollar tea brand you’ve never heard of”…”Slumping loonie holds silver lining for Canadian retailers as cross-border shopping expected to ‘all but die'”…

SOMETHING ABOUT the cyclical in all economic things. However, this time ’round, the prospects for a recovering oil price do seem to have a greater uncertainty.

SOMETHING ABOUT ‘Tealeaves’, a Vancouver originated brand that’s primary market is as wholesaler to high end hotels & celebrity chefs.

SOMETHING ABOUT keeping Canadians’ purchasing power at home and also attracting tourists, especially Americans, big time!

And so it goes.

I remember last time our currency situation was as it is now, it was just a matter of time before restaurant menus saw a significant rise in prices.

As soon as restaurateurs & bar owners got wise to the fact that ‘for Americans’ the price of a glass of wine or an entree was so cheap compared to back home, a re-calibration took place and that once $5 glass of wine became $ 8-9, and that $12-15 entree became $18-25.

I suspect soon there will be another surge before the convention and cruise ship season once again gets into full 2016 swing.
Good for entrepreneurs, but not great for the locals & regulars at their favourite establishments.

Be it from bike lanes to swings in supply & demand or faltering with your daily push-up routines, recognize that many things in life are indeed cyclical.

Be it snow or rain or sleet, whatever sort of refreshment you seek, a cup of tea can always be ‘spot on’!

Be it ‘at home’ or ‘away from home’, adventure & ‘first time for everything’ that you long for or familiarity & creature comforts, know that there will always be ‘ups & downs’.

Enjoy the rollercoaster!


We’re all blessed to have a ‘ticket-to ride’!!!


Wonderful Wednesday all!


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