…of technology, strikes, & misses…


…”Canada forgot to plan for its future by leaning on oil and the loonie”…

Now there’s an unforgettable headline!

And if we agree with all the powers that be, that low oil prices are here to stay then Canada’s economy & the activities around housing seem to be what will keep it afloat.
Here enters a startling fact. Our housing ‘production’ more than exceeds our domestic demand and has done so for many years. In 2015 alone, CMHC reports that the share of foreign ownership of condos in Toronto and Vancouver grew by 22 per cent and 51 per cent respectively.

A major re-calibration is inevitable. Not if, but when!
We need to get on the bandwagon of planning some long term prosperity and economic growth for our country beyond the resource sector and beyond housing.
As others have said, it will be technology and new growth businesses that will be our country’s future!

Meanwhile in the UK “junior doctors striking for the first time in 40 years.” 4,000 surgeries cancelled.

…”David Bowie dies of cancer age 69: ‘He gave us magic for a lifetime'”…

A friend yesterday, on hearing the news quipped which David Bowie?

At first I didn’t get what they meant but of course soon realized that there’s not likely another singer of such fame that went through so much metamorphosis during the span of their career.

An inspiration for many indeed, on so many levels. RIP David Bowie. He will be missed.

As January Tuesdays can frown what’s going on in our world? & at the same time we see a google doodle honouring the 388th year since the birth of Charles Perrault founder of the genre of tales known as fairy tales, let’s smile & do what we can do to make each day a day of ‘happily ever after’ for others & ourselves.

Seize the day!

Carpe diem!


Begin it now!

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday!



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